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Brand  Inspirations

The giant causeway is the art work of the volcanic eruption created by northern Ireland 50 million years ago and is the inspiration for our brand. The surface shapes of the region, also known as the giants' passage, have taken their place in history as the first stairs. to serve as a gateway between the future and the future without losing the texture of the past in our brand and It is based on transforming into today's designs. We are hosting timeless and special pieces in your wardrobe by offering you comfort with effortless elegance. Si causeway offers you a new lifestyle with the option to create unlimited combinations in your closet. When you explore the collection, the harmony of the pieces with each other will allow you to climb the stairs of a new and unexplored world, depending on your mood and activity.

Team Work

                                                          Hello we are Si Causeway Team

We design the elements of its geography and culture with the heritage of the past and the unpredictable innovations of the future. With our power in using technology, we aim to bring the beauty of the existing holistic energy of nature to a more futuristic perspective with every design. We take all the main information in product designs from nature and transform it into the designs of the future with artificial intelligence. We consider it our first priority to ensure that each product is connected in all design processes in the past - present and future time cycles. We plan that every existing piece is connected with nature, people and the future, and we are constantly developing this idea. We are happy to welcome you to an unexplored and undesigned new life with human being the first element of this development and change.

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